The OTT market is exploding, everyone has heard it called many things, cutting the cord, cord-cutters, Roku or OTT.

Now everyone can get on television because “T2F Media”, has not only automated the entire process, but we also offer UNLIMITED bandwidth.

  • Promote to potentially millions of households.
  • Create unlimited channels.
  • Create multiple program slots.

With “T2F Media, you can stream live videos to all platforms simultaneously with just a click of a button. We allow unlimited live streams to each channel through our customized platform.

Live streaming is bandwidth intensive so do not be fooled by other companies offering unlimited bandwidth. Read the fine print this is typically only offered when you use THEIR player so they can control your content and advertising money.

With our automated SaaS,  you simply mark a channel ready to receive advertisements and the rest is handled for you.

You will have an independent third-party portal to track all your advertising revenue.

The idea is simple it is your content YOU should collect all the revenue your content earns. Until now this have not been possible for most which has lost content providers tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Take control back and do not let any company decide how much you should earn.

Pay-Per-View allows your viewers to order and access one-time broadcasts, including premium recorded and live content. To purchase a Pay-Per-View event your viewers simply click on the content and agrees to the cost of the program.

Our customized software makes it easy for you to set up and run a live or pre-recorded pay per view event with our advanced point and click technology.

After the content appears as a pay per view item you can always reuse the content for advertising dollars or place on your subscription channel allowing you to Take out “really” maximize the earning potential of your content.

This is an awesome feature for people with original or limited distribution content. Now aspiring filmmakers and content creators have a place to showcase while building a loyal audience.

With our Saas, we have the technology specifically for you to create all kinds of subscription channels.

For years experts have known the best way to sell a product or service is to get on TV. Now with our technology, you can generate sales directly from viewers.

Similar to Home Shopping you viewers could watch you review or demo a product and buy right on the channel with a click of their remote. We not only deliver the technology to make this happen we also have a few suggestions to people who choose to sell on platforms that can save you thousands of dollars.

Each deliver platform (Roku, Amazon, Apple, Android) has a different set of rules and regulations. Each distribution partner needs the technology delivered in a different format. Livecast365 handles all of that for you simplifying your product distribution across platforms.

What’s the biggest difference between someone seeing a product or service online compared to seeing it on television?

People didn’t plan to buy anything when they began watching television, but the commercial, infomercial or television show compelled them to action. They are interested. They are motivated. They are an inbound lead to the advertiser. When they find YOU there is little to no comparison shopping prior to contact, unlike consumers online.

After all, they are speaking exclusively with the advertiser, who has an opportunity to present the product’s or service’s benefits and get a sale before the consumer speaks with a competitor. These factors play a pivotal role in conversions, and the proof has been undeniable in our case.

Visit Some Of Our TV Channels And Websites!

We Promote Your Channel And Website On All Devices!

  • Generate Massive Leads Through Your TV Channel

  • Connect Your Content To  Product Sales

  • Be Your Own Film Distributor 

  • Get Paid For Premium Content

  • Control Your Advertising Earnings

  • True Unlimited Bandwidth

  • There are over 22 ways that your business could benefit from it’s own television channel

Stream Your Channel To Potentially Millions Of Households 24/7!

All Packages Require A One Time Setup Fee

$49595One Time Setup Fee!

Sliver Package

  • * 50 GB Storage
  • * Unlimited Bandwidth
  • * Hosting
  • 1 Admin User
  • Roku Developer
  • Amazon Fire
  • Live Streaming
  • Podcast

Gold Package

  • * 75 GB Storage
  • * Unlimited Bandwidth
  • * Hosting
  • 2 Admin Users
  • 1 Agent
  • 1 True TV
  • Roku SDK
  • Amazon Creator
  • Apple TV
  • Live Streaming
  • Podcast
  • 1 Website

Platinum Package

  • * 100 GB Storage
  • * Unlimited Bandwidth
  • * Hosting
  • 2 Admin Users
  • 2 Agents
  • 2 True TV
  • Roku SDK
  • Amazon Creator
  • Apple TV
  • Live Streaming
  • 2 Podcasts
  • 1 Website
  • 1 eCommerce
  • 1 SMAS