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Welcome to the T2F Media Directory! This is the most inclusive directory for maximizing exposure to your business, products, and services.

We created this directory to bring traffic to your business automatic! Most directories, just give you a free listing or sell you a one time featured listing, then they disappear. NOT HERE!

When you join our community, you will see proven results of the mass exposure your business will receive.

Our goal is to continue driving traffic to your business, products, and services 24/7!

Why Streaming TV Program Slots?

Television Program Slots are up to 30 minute program segments that will appear on the T2F Media Directory Network Channel.

We created these slots to ensure that your premium listings will get maximum exposure 24/7!

Most businesses just promote their products or services on just one platform. It is usually, YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, just to name a few.

However, with our premium listings you will be promoting your business, products, or services to multiple platforms simultaneously!

With your premium listing, your program slot will be shown on two of the largest streaming platforms, which are Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

We will also be able to show your program slot on your social media sites and your website simultaneously.

There is no way that anyone can guarantee how many viewers will see your program slot. 

However, this is what we know to be true, Roku has 30.5 million active accounts, Amazon Fire TV has 34 million active accounts, and Social Media has billions of active accounts and all of them are steadily growing.

This is why we included this option in our premium listings. 

Remember, you want to get the maximum amount of exposure for your business, products, and services for your marketing budget!

You see we have signed up for several directory listings in the past to promote our own business, products, and services!

However, what we found was the return on our investment was very little. This is the problem with most directories because of the lack of traffic.

We decided to fix this problem by placing your business video everywhere. We believe in driving traffic to our community for all of our listings.

This is just logical, more traffic to our directory the more views and sells your business could receive.

It’s a shame that more directories have not figured this out yet!

We want you to grow with us!

When you purchase a “Premium Listing” on T2F Media Directory, we will create a program slot for your business on our television network.

All you would have to do is send us a business video, or a business commercial and we will upload it for you!

If you do not have a business video or a business commercial, we will create one for you and upload it to our network, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Your business video or business commercial, will run on the T2F Media Directory Network Channel, for the next 6 months, 24/7 without any additional cost!

You will also receive special discounts on future business video uploads!

Ask Yourself?

What’s the biggest difference between someone seeing a product or service online compared to seeing it on television?

People didn’t plan to buy anything when they began watching television, but the commercial, infomercial or television show compelled them to action. They are interested. They are motivated. They are an inbound lead to the advertiser. When they find YOU there is little to no comparison shopping prior to contact, unlike consumers online.

After all, they are speaking exclusively with the advertiser, who has an opportunity to present the product’s or service’s benefits and get a sale before the consumer speaks with a competitor. These factors play a pivotal role in conversions, and the proof has been undeniable in our case.

Here are a few things that separate us from other directories!

  • Yes we offer “FREE” listings.

  • Yes we offer “PAID”  featured directory listings!
  • Promote your business on T2F Media’s website!

  • Promote your business on the T2F Media Directory Channel! 

  • Promote your business on Roku!

  • Promote your business on Amazon Fire TV!

  • Promote your business on all Social Media Platforms!

  • Promote your RSS Feeds across multiple platforms!

  • Promote your business and services on multiple devices!

  • Get a Business TV Commercial with our Premium Listings!

  • Get a “FREE” Website App with our Premium Listings!

  • Get a “FREE” Website Bot with our Premium Listings!

  • Get maximum exposure with our Premium Listings!
  • Promote your business and services 24/7!
  • Promote your business to potentially millions of households!

  • Just Imagine? How This Will Increase your sales!

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We promote your business, products, or services to potentially millions of households 24/7

It is time that your business products, or services get the exposure it deserves.