When it comes time to decide on a distributed messaging system, everybody is aware of the reply: Apache Kafka. However how about if you’re on the hook to decide on a world-class, horizontally scalable stream knowledge processing system? When you needn’t simply publish and subscribe messaging, but in addition long-term storage, a versatile integration framework, and a way of deploying real-time stream processing functions at scale with out having to combine many alternative items of infrastructure your self? The reply remains to be Apache Kafka.

On this speak, Viktor will give a rapid-fire overview of the breadth of Kafka as a streaming knowledge platform. You will notice its inner structure, together with the way it partitions messaging workloads in a fault-tolerant means and the way it offers message sturdiness. Viktor will clarify Kafka’s method to pub/sub messaging and the way the Confluent .NET consumer affords a framework for computation over streaming knowledge.

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Published On: June 27th, 2020 / Categories: Streaming Platforms /