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We create streaming television channels for our customers, on some of the largest platforms such, as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, just to name a few. We can even take your YouTube, Social Media Feeds and broadcast them across multiple platforms and devices simultaneously, 24/7!

We are offering our services to all Houses of Worship at an unprecedented cost. We want you to have your own streaming television channel regardless of the size of your house of worship or your budget! Checkout the opportunity for you to have your own streaming television channel below.

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Houses of Worship
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Your Own Roku Channel!

We have made it easy and affordable for all houses of worship to be able to get their own Roku Channel! We made creating a Roku channel affordable by offering you and ala cart menu!

This means you can add exactly what you want to add to your channel based on your house of worship needs. The only additional cost to the price below is your channel hosting, which we made affordable just for you! Everything else is your choice!

No hidden cost, we want all houses of worship to have their own Roku TV Channel. So, don’t let your budget keep you from communicating with us!

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$350.00 /

House of Worship Streaming Roku Television Channel

Annual Cost